Derivable balls
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Ball Texturing
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Derivable balls

Interactive Play With The Beach ball
On land In the pool
Mesh: Beach ball Sport ball Beach ball Repeating
Even bigger
Sit inside the ball
Heart shape
Other animations
Animation Balance on the ball Endless bounce
Mesh Beach ball Sport ball Beach ball Sport ball

Texturing a ball

Play with the Beach ball

This series of balls have four "Seats" for avatars. The one under the ball and the one opposite are for avatars to play with the ball, e.g. volley it back and forth. The remaining two "Seats" are standing spots and are needed so the animation can be stopped.

Beach ball mesh

A beach ball mesh is a mesh where the texture is wrapped around the "Equator" of the ball, with the top and bottom edges of the texture defining the "poles" of the ball.

Repeating Texture mesh

The repeating texture mesh is like the beach ball mesh except that the texture cycles 10 times around the ball. It is made that way to match the object it is derived from. Repeating textures allow for finer detail than a simple texture.

Sports ball mesh

This is one where the ball is formed by "inflating" a cube. The texture is mapped onto the faces of the cube. It's hard to describe but it is well suited to making the soccer ball. It is much harder to design for than the beach ball pattern but offers much less distortion as there are no poles. There are two versions of this mesh, the one I've used most has the same material repeated six times, however I do have a version with six materials enabling every panel to be different

In the Pool

The "In the pool" pattern is made by lowering the avatar positions below the ground level. When the ball is placed on a pool the avatars appear to stand on the bottom of the pool. Note that I design for a 600 deep pool. If there is demand I may add other depths or I may embed alternative skeleton (XSF) files.

Sit inside the ball

The balls with poses in are derived from one of 123s designs. Little of the original design remains apart from the two poses.

Land Super Fun Ball is entirely my work, the poses were made using my pose editor