Clean up tool
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IMVU File clean up tool

Tool to scan an IMVU design file and check the formatting.

Filename of the  file to process:


Under development, I apologise in advance if this moves or goes a bit squirrelly at times. 

This is a Perl script that accepts any IMVU design file, XSF, XMF, XAF, XPF, XRF format, and runs some "sanity checks" on it to make sure it is correctly formatted. If the header is missing it adds one.

Currently the following aspects are checked:

  1. That the header type matches the file contents
  2. That all tags are correctly paired
  3. That all tags are correctly nested
  4. That all tags are correctly spelled

Security: Processing is carried out on my ISP's webserver. The file you upload is stored briefly on the server as a temporary file but is deleted almost immediately afterwards so no record of your mesh is retained. If you want to run the script independently I'll make it available for download, but you'll almost certainly require access to a Linux webserver in order to run it.