XRF tool
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Prototype XRF file generator

Texture file name


Opacity map name


This is a cgi script that should return a valid material file or "xrf" file.

Click Submit first then "Get the file" to actually download it. If the download is blocked you can copy and paste the text into notepad.

You can use the xrf files this makes to add opacity maps to a product or to give your own filenames to the texture files in a product.

When you load the material into the previewer it will initially appear BROKEN as the texture files will be missing. You need to supply the texture files. 

IMVU File Parser version 1

This is an experiment, this tool reads an IMVU file (XMF, XSF, XAF, XRF but not XPF), extracts the data from it and then...

...does absolutely nothing with it and...

... Returns the data as a file in the same format. I hope to be able to build some useful tools on top of this, however in the meantime it may be of some limited use if:

  1. You have a messy hand edited file that you'd like cleaned up it'll return a fairly tidy file with indenting.
  2. You have a file that the previewer won't import. This program may or may not read it but if it chokes it will try to return a row and column location for the error. 

Note if you just get back a webpage with lots of numbers try "View source", there's not much I can do about it its an IE6 thing.

For anyone willing to play with Perl the source is available for download: here. To run it you'll need the modules:
  1. CGI
  2. XML::Structured
  3. XML::SAX (or alternatively XML::Parser)
  4. XML::NamespaceSupport

The only one of those my ISP doesn't provide is XML::Structured so I've hand installed it in the folder "lib", hence the line "use lib 'lib/';", remove this if you have all the modules.

One gotcha with XML::Structured is that the file Structured.PM contains the line use XML::Parser about four lines from the beginning. This should be commented out.