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Texture Template generation tool

Filename of the mesh (XMF) file to process:


Optional: Select a Material ID to plot

Under development, I apologise in advance if this moves or goes a bit squirrelly at times. Unfortunately this tool won't help if you are deriving but it may be some use for meshers.

This is a Perl script that takes a mesh file in XMF format and attempts to draw a template graphic for one material. By default it should draw the first material it finds but you should be able to supply a material number.

The graphic is always GIF format, 512 by 512, the colours are locked and with Internet Explorer it always wants to save the file rather than display it.

For the script to work the texture mapping must be simple and the material must not be tiled. In technical terms texture coordinates should lie between 0 and 1.

Security: Processing is carried out on my ISP's webserver. The file you upload is stored briefly on the server as a temporary file but is deleted almost immediately afterwards so no record of your mesh is retained. If you want to run the script independently I'll make it available for download.