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24 July 2021

I'm replacing blocks of "preformatted text" (<pre> tag) with regular text in a fixed width style. Hopefully this will stop Google from dinging pages for poor mobile visibility because the preformatted text won't flow to fit smaller screens.

5 June 2021

I'm reorganising the site so the larger sections (IMVU, Gamemaker, Openslug) are more like separate sites. This should improve maintainability, or in other words it should mean I spend less time waiting for the editor to catch up when I add or edit pages.

9 March 2020

Google wants me to improve "Mobile usability", so I've added viewport tags and got rid of the graphic banners. 

13 August 2019

Installed a SSD in the spring. Neglected to reinstall a few tools afterwards so things lapsed a bit

3 October 2018

Well another two years has gone, and it looks like Gamemaker Studio is going to "expire" soon
Haven't decided whether to go with Studio 2 or not, just not that committed to game making
Learning how to use GIT, so hopefully no more mixed up "old version" folders

30 May 2016

Here's the modified bouncing ball game
Found 3 Megabytes of warnings dumped to the log file. I really need to find a file truncation tool to age and discard old warnings.
Finally I think I've got the high score table script to stop spamming warnings every time a file operation returns "undef".
Though it would probably be easier to just turn warnings off

3 April 2016

Well I installed a SSD last July and never bothered to reinstall Frontpage after, I've only just got round to putting it back on
Played a lot of Minecraft
Also some World of Tanks (not as much)
Made a modified version of the ball game
Got round to reinstalling Frontpage
and the patches
and Filezilla
and sorted out the server clock I hope

8 June 2015

Updated auto-sprites as much to my surprise the technique will work in GM Studio

5 June 2015

Unnamed bouncing ball game HTML5 browser game

27 January 2015

So what happened for the last three years: Minecraft happened!!
On the bright side Gamemaker HTML5 matured into Gamemaker Studio, and things actually work now.
Except FOG which may still be broken, I'm not certain

9 January 2012

Looks like I've been neglecting this for too long. Nearly a year without an update
Gamemaker HTML5: I have the beta version and its been a struggle but its now looking like a credible development platform
New computer
Windows 7 64bit, looks like I'll have to get to grip with dosbox at some point as I still have some old 8 bit stuff
Experiments in WiFi

26 February

New page: Seat trigger behaviour change with version 454 describes a significant improvement to how animations are handled, however it is undocumented and therefore may revert

13 February

New page: Removing unwanted seats from existing furniture designs

30 January 2011

Removed the pages on forcing an update to an IMVU product, the information is obsolete
Resuming editing after a hard drive upgrade and Windows reinstall

5 October

Removed some decayed links from the pose editor section. The Free Poses thread will be missed.

2 June

At last I've sourced a replacement PSU for my NSLU2, the original ones all seem to be giving up on me. I expect my fileserver will need a new one too.

21 March

Finished the Banana Raft and added it to derivable other
Created the Land Bouncy Fun Ball and added it to derivable balls

16 February

Installed a newer version of SlugOS on one of my NSLU2s. For what that means see here and for the new section see here

20 January

Fixed some duff "alt text", so everything isn't a "seethrough inner tube" any more
Learned that I've been doing it all wrong, "tooltip" captions go in the "title=" attribute, not "alt=" which is reserved for the text alternative
which is stupid, the <IMG> tag should have had a closing </IMG> counterpart with the text between them being replaced by the image, then alternative text could have gone between the tags and non-graphical browsers could ignore the tag entirely.

13 January 2010

Has it really been that long...scary

Added a page on using anim8or with IMVU
Updated the anim8or export script to convert to IMVU coordinate space
Created a mesh in anim8or
Published Rubber duckie derivable
Also Rubber duckie float

17 June

Updated Derivable balls to add the 100 foot balls
Updated Derivable other to add more of my products
Moved cushions into Derivable Cushions to make the list managable

13 June

Still fixing Force Update to reflect current IMVU behavior
New product: Wearable inner tube in Male and Female versions
New product: Inner tube carried in Male and Female versions
New product: Giant banana carried in Male and Female versions
New product: Revolving standing spot
New product: Beach ball 100 foot its really huge and you can play with it
New product: Super size inner tube with two poses

18 April

Made a new Force Update page to reflect the behaviour of IMVU client 410.0 as I understand it.
Updated the Billy vs Snakeman game links to the new post-recode URLs in the hope that I get some referrer credits in-game.

2 April

Updated the IMVU Force Update page to indicate that it may no longer apply.
Added the thinner cushion to the list of derivables

1 April 2009

Updated IMVU Transparency bug to reflect the observation that version 410.0 appears to handle it better than previous versions.

15 October

Added Preparation for installing a Perl Module
Removed irrelevant detail from GD in Perl

13 October

Added some room-specific extensions to the XSF Format definition

9 October

The Heart floor cushion is available for derivation

4 July

Added a section on Morph Targets

1 July

Aqua funky cushion chair

29 June 2008

Starting a Perl section, mainly covering the use of the Perl language to manipulate IMVU mesh files.

28 June 2008

Released the leaning cushion chair in "Lava" Style to compliment the "Lava floor Cushion"

26 June 2008

Added the second big cushion design to my list of Other derivables
Gave the Ball Mesh Generator its own page
Added an Updates page
Added to the "How to force a product to update in chat" page, it now includes a way to force product names and icons to update too.