My GIT Journey
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My GIT Journey

This is not intended to be yet another GIT tutorial or reference manual, there are plenty of those on the web, but if you're in the same position of being a sole developer and having to make up your own rules as you go along this could be helpful.

Using GIT in Microchip MPLAB

The MPLAB IDE is a customized version of the Netbeans IDE, and as such it supports the same plugins including a GIT client

MPLAB's built in GIT client

Using "rebase" to clean up your mistakes

Rebasing provides a powerful tool to clean up mistakes in the filing of a project's history.

Rewriting project history for fun and profit

Using submodules for library development

The GIT submodule system is a way of nesting GIT projects such that a project can contain a library that has its own separate repository. There are two "competing" systems, subtrees and submodules. Based on what I have read it appears as if:
Subtree appears suited to importing an established library to a project
Submodule appears suited to developing a library that will be pushed to a repository