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Same Game


Adventures in Windows Application Development

So I'm "late to the party" here, but it seems well past time I learned to develop for Windows, more specifically Windows 7 through to 11. My programming up to now has been confined to embedded and command-line projects.

Right now my platform of choice will be Visual Studio Community Edition (2022).

I'm impressed with what you get, although it can be frustrating ensuring that the correct modules are installed. I'm leaning towards Microsoft Foundation Classes as I've seen a tutorial using them. I'm not certain that is the way to go though.

Currently I'm attempting to use C++. I hope to be able to get by though I'm not proficient. I have considerable difficulty with class declarations, though I expect that will improve with experience.

Examples and Tutorials

Same game tutorial

Original tutorial at:  "The Same Game": A Simple Game from Start to Finish

Solutions and Projects

What are solutions and projects in Visual Studio?

My take is that a Solution appears to be a "container" to put projects in. On a different platform this might be termed a "project group". I assume that grouping projects together allows them to share files, but I haven't encountered a multi-project solution yet.

Build tools setting

warning  : The build tools for v143 cannot be found. Install v143 to build using the v143 build tools.

This will happen if you have both VS 2022 and VS 2019 and open a project from VS 2022 in VS 2019.

Select the Project (not Solution) and click the spanner (properties) button.

Look for "Configuration Properties" then "General".

Look for "Platform Toolset". 

For Visual Studio 2019 select v142

For Visual Studio 2022 select v143 (or v142, or older versions)