Water Panic
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Water panic spritesWater Panic

Water Panic is my first game written in "Gamemaker", the game creation system created by Mark Overmars.

Download zip file

The game is discussed in "Game Maker Community" Here  

Here's a fairly good description of the game (better than the description I wrote anyway), quoted from Tapeworm's review on Gamemakergames.com:

In Water Panic, you guide a guy floating on an inner tube through a series of perilous areas. Rather than the normal dangers associated with tubing, you face giant creatures that want to crush you, enormous whirlpools, and sports balls the size of houses.

To leave each area, you must collect a varying number of keys before you run out of time. You can collect fruit and other items scattered around the area to gain time, and being crushed by a monster or other large object significantly reduces your remaining time. Some of the items you collect also have other effects, positive and negative.

Most of the graphics were my own work, apart from some photos from a resource CD.

Sound effects are mostly from A1 Sound effects.

The Music is by Vic Sagerquist, used with permission. I used to have a link to his site but it's no longer valid.

The game has been reviewed:

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Gamezworld (in German)

Freegame (in Czech)

autofish.net (Scroll down it's last in the list)


This is an old single level version. It actually plays quite well. I'm making the source for watermaze available for download, though not the full game source.


Download Zip of GMD file