Super Bouncy Ball
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Super Bouncy Ball (Working title)

Abandoned project. Versions up to this point may be treated as an example.

Compatible with unregistered GM5.3A

Update 4: Zip file GMD source

This update is an intermediate version with slopes added to some of the levels. It's incomplete as I haven't got round to doing anything with it this Christmas. I'm posting it as I haven't been able to break it.

Downloads: Zip file GMD source

Super Bouncy Ball arose from an experiment in combining a crude "physics" engine with a platform game engine, then throwing in some cute sprites. 

The idea is simply to get the ball to the end of the level. There are no conventional hazards, no monsters, spiked pits or lava. The difficulty comes from trying to control the huge ball. To finish the level push the ball out of the level, then get the girls out after the ball is out to finish the level.

The result is actually quite fun. It's playable but it's still nowhere near a finished game. Controls are arrow keys. 

Up to jump
Left and Right to move
Down switches between the two girls. On some levels you need both.
Try pressing Control and Down?

This demo has shown me how platform games can require an inordinate amount of tweaking to get them to run well. It's taken me about two weeks to hunt down all the "fall through the floor" bugs I created by allowing the ball to push the girls. I think I've cured them all. It may be possible to jam the game still by switching girls the instant one leaves the level. Right now the platform engine is burdened with an excessive number of patches, a situation I intend to remedy.

Super Bouncy Ball originally used a heavily modified version of Darthlupi's Platform Example though recently I've stripped out that code and replaced it with some of my own.

The new engine is described here

The player sprites were derived from graphics from Charas though with added frames, giving a 4-frame walk and a new face down "squashed" sprite.

The ball is generated in Serif Photo Plus.