Water panic sprites
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Chunky sprite font for game captions

Chunky sprite font for the Water Panic game captions. Note the font is anti-aliased to a blue background and looks rough against other backgrounds.

Bigger version of the font, not actually used in the game due to memory considerations, but it looks good

Higher resolution version of the font (shown 50%), not actually used in Water Panic due to memory considerations, but it looks good.

Waves animation

Water background. This was generated by summing a whole lot of sine functions to make a "heaving" depth map, then using Serif Photo-plus to add smaller ripples and "light source" it.

AppleBanana bananaCherriesKeyPearSparklyBoot of kickingHorn, it makes fog, its a Fog Horn OK...Prop

Various objects from the game. Some are cut out, others are anti-aliased to blue. Unfortunately the boot is anti-aliased to white not blue and it shows up.

Some stuff that's not from Water Panic

Giant beach ball

The beach ball sprite I used in Water Panic was from a clipart collection and probably copyright to someone or other. Instead here's one I drew from scratch. Of course if you do use this in a game you'll probably want to scale it down a bit!!

There's also a version with rotations. The sprite was rotated first, then the lighting was added, so the light direction stays fixed as the ball rotates.