Path Finding
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Path Finder Demo

Advanced motion planning using grids

Notes on possible uses for the mp_grid path finding functions

Monster pathfinding

Please be warned that when using the mp_grid functions to create monster paths they may be too direct, and you may want your monsters to blunder about

Testing generated levels

If you are placing random obstacles you might use mp_grid to determine if an obstacle will totally obstruct the player's path, by testing if it is still possible to reach an objective

Functions for creating and manipulating pathfinding grids

This should be a full list including the functions for setting and clearing grid cells independently of room contents

Partial list of path functions for creating and extracting coordinates

This is not a full list as I have concentrated on the functions needed to extract route data from the path returned by the "mp_grid" solver function

Using the mp_grid_path function in irregular or changeable maps

This is a demo of how an instance can extract route information rather than rigidly following a maze solution

I apologise in advance, it isn't a "good" demo at this time