Velleman K8055
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Getting C

Velleman K8055 board

Velleman product page

An inexpensive digital and analog interface for connection to a computer via USB.

The official device driver is for windows only, but after the release of the first  open source driver by Nicholas Sutre: or there has been an increasing level of unofficial Linux support.

The Julien Etelain and Edward Nys version was simplified, it only required a C compiler instead of C++ and it could be compiled without a "make" tool. This version also gained a simple output format consisting of a single line of numbers delimited by semicolons.

Sven Lindberg repackages the program as a linkable library: with a command line version that looks equivalent to the Etelain and Nys version.

Mohawksoft claim to have their own version but it's only available via CVS.

I'm going to concentrate on the Julien Etelain and Edward Nys version due to the ease of compilation.

We can download the source straight to the slug:

root@zebidee:~# wget
Connecting to[]:80
k8055-utbm-src-0.3.t 100% |*****************************| 5795 00:00 ETA

Unpack it using the built in "tar":

root@zebidee:~# tar -xjf k8055-utbm-src-0.3.tbz

Now you need a working C compiler:

Getting a C compiler

Change to the k8055_src directory and you can compile the program:

root@zebidee:~# cd k8055_src
root@zebidee:~/k8055_src# ./build_linux
/usr/lib/gcc/armeb-linux/3.4.4/../../../../armeb-linux/bin/ld: Warning: /tmp/ccIQhKOI.o does not support interworking, whereas k8055 does

Note I always get that warning, I think it's safe to ignore.

Try to run the program:

If there's no device present:

root@zebidee:~/k8055_src# ./k8055
Could not find the XSV device
Please ensure that the device is correctly connected.

If the k8055 board is connected:

root@zebidee:~/k8055_src# ./k8055