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I'd like to pass on a warning about this package. It's supposed to install all the tools for compiling software on the slug. It probably is easier than trying to pick out the specific packages you need. One problem though:

It's HUGE!!! Well actually the package doesn't contain anything but it lists a lot of packages as dependencies so installing slugos-native will actually install all the dependancies. 

A major part of the package consists of the perl-modules package which in turn installs every available perl module.

root@zebidee:~# ipkg info slugos-native
Package: slugos-native
Version: 1.0-r7
Depends: glibc-extra-nss, glibc-utils, libc6, binutils-dev, binutils-symlinks, cpp, cpp-symlinks,
g++, g++-symlinks, gcc, gcc-symlinks, libgdbm3, libstdc++-dev, ncurses-dev, ncurses-terminfo,
perl, perl-modules, python-core, python-crypt, python-io, python-lang, python-pickle, python-shell, 
python-textutils, libreadline4, autoconf, automake, bash, binutils, bison, bzip2, coreutils, cvs, 
diffstat, file, flex, gawk, gcc, gnu-config, gzip, libtool, lrzsz, m4, make, ncurses, patch, perl, 
pkgconfig, quilt, sed, tar, util-linux, wget, monotone-5
Status: install user installed
Section: base
Architecture: armeb
maintainer: OpenEmbedded Team <>
MD5Sum: 8db4a7290dfe2b003438b5a81846f4ea
Size: 954
Filename: slugos-native_1.0-r7_armeb.ipk
Source: file:///home/repvik/builds/openslug-3.10-beta/openembedded/packages/meta/
Description: Packages that are required for the SlugOS native build environment


Notice the size of the "Depends" block. That's a long list, especially compared to the Debian "Build-essential" package that contains little more than the compilers and libraries.