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thttpd Web Server
Cherokee web
Velleman K8055
Perl Module
GD in Perl


  • thttpd Web Server
    A small, efficient web server, not as versatile as Cherokee but well suited to the slug.
  • Cherokee web server
    This server is more like Apache and supports most of it's options. It's overkill for a typical slug project but I like it. 
    Scheduling tools
  • Samba
    Windows file sharing from a Linux system. This is a much newer version of Samba than the one supplied with the slug.
  • Velleman K8055
    A side project. The K8055 is a low cost interface board that could control a simple robot. It was intended to connect to a PC but it also runs on the slug.
  • Installing Perl modules: General
    A fix for the missing "xsubpp", "typemap" and "ccache" files needed to install many modules.
  • GD in Perl
    Perhaps I need a page on perl first? Anyway here's my way to get the perl graphics library running on the slug.

I'm hoping that someone will add GD to the package library in which case my instructions will become obsolete...