XRF file format
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XRF Material file format

    <AMBIENT>149 0 149 0</AMBIENT>
    <DIFFUSE>255 255 255 255</DIFFUSE>
    <SPECULAR>255 255 255 0</SPECULAR>
    <MAP TYPE="Diffuse Color">btebeachball4.jpg</MAP>
    <MAP TYPE="Opacity">btebeachball4op.jpg</MAP>
There's not a lot to say about xrf files except that in my experience only the map names actually do anything, the other fields appear to be discarded, but they MUST BE THERE or the previewer will not accept the file.

XRF file tool

Note that some programs may split the MAP tag across three lines:

    <MAP TYPE="Diffuse Color">

The single line form is preferred.

Map files are almost always of type JPEG (*.jpg) though I'm told PNG is acceptable (but not GIF).

Texture dimensions should normally be powers of two e.g. 64, 128, 256, 512.

Note that a 512*512 material will be converted down to 256*256 before display, so map files should only be bigger than 256*256 when animation is used.