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ISE Embedded edition or ISE Webpack

This is the development suite used to develop for the Spartan 3A FPGA.

This is where things got a bit complicated. The standard installer for ISE version 14.7 covers Windows versions up to 7, and apparently not Windows 10.

The version for Windows 10 is a "Virtual machine", meaning the following:

It requires Virtualbox to be installed beforehand
It may require a BIOS setting and some Windows settings in order to install
It is a very large file, over 15 gigabytes.
It has its own entirely separate file system, apart from a specific working folder which is actually located in your normal Windows file system but "mounted" on the virtual machine's filing system.

The virtual machine runs Linux, so my first impression was that the system was in Raspberry PI emulation mode. I always assumed the PI GUI was intentionally made a bit chunky to aid with using it on TV screens, but maybe Gnome always looks like that?

One minor irritation is that the virtual machine was created some time ago, meaning that the software licenses have lapsed. The ISE will insist on reminding you of this each time you compile a design. Updating the license is possible, difficult and probably not worth the effort as if you get it wrong you'll end up downgrading the ISE to a demo version that won't create output files.

Further to the above the Linux distribution used, Oracle Linux 6, is rather out of date. It can be updated to some extent using the "yum" command line tool but this still leaves it with rather old software.

It is worth getting it updated that far though, once updated you will be able to resize the virtual-box window without needing to change the VM's resolution.

The main irritation I've found so far is an obsolete version of openSSH, which will not connect to GIThub.