Elbert V2
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Elbert V2

A convenient development board from Numato Lab


The large square part in the middle is a Xilinx Spartan 3A FPGA

Clockwise from the top the features are:

  1. 15 way VGA connector
  2. 3.5mm audio socket
  3. MicroSD socket
  4. Group of push-buttons
  5. DIP switches
  6. LED bank
  7. 32 uncommitted I/O lines in groups of 8
  8. multiplexed LED display
  9. A 10 pin connector (purpose unknown)
  10. 14 pin JTAG port
  11. 4 pin "Analogue" port
  12. USB programming interface using a PIC microcontroller
  13. Jumper to select between USB power and alternative power
  14. "Barrel jack" DC connector, looks like 5.5/2.1mm type
  15. Voltage regulators to support the FPGA

As a starter board this appears to offer a good selection of features