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PERL Backends for Gamemaker HTML5

The following may be applicable to non-gamemaker tasks, however I am writing from the point of view of a Gamemaker user so any HTTP communication will be instigated by the Gamemaker Asynchronous interface.

Security considerations

I'll cover this better elsewhere but please remember that you may be forced to fall back on "security through obscurity", so it is important to limit the damage that can be done by a simple attack. 

Online high score table

This is my first attempt at a backend script for GM HTML and I'm pleased with how it turned out

The high score table consists of 20 entries, the top 10 are "all-time" and the next 10 expire after a time currently 8 weeks
The script supports multiple games
The new score and name are passed as CGI Parameters
The score table is returned as a JSON encoded data structure
The scores are stored in a file in simple text format, easy to back-up or clean up
There is currently no word filter
No database is required, this is intentional

At this time I'm not entirely happy to share the program as in its present form it is rough, but I would be willing to cooperate with anyone who wants to use it.