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The Windows Features Sub-Menu

This is another hard-to-find configuration page in Windows 10. 

Currently the proper route appears to be:

  1. Start menu
  2. Settings (the gear symbol)
  3. Apps
  4. Optional Features
  5. scroll to the bottom of the page
  6. More Windows features

Alternatively it is probably quicker to type "Windows Features" into the search box

Some "Features" of note:

SMB 1.0/CIFS Client is often needed to connect to NAS devices. If you don't need it in order to connect to a NAS (Network Attached Storage) you can turn it off, and this MIGHT fix the master browser issue too.

You are unlikely to want or need SMB 1.0/CIFS Server under normal circumstances. I stopped recommending sharing folders from a desktop PC when home NAS boxes dropped below 200, because at that point it made so much more sense to have a NAS that was always available rather than PC shares that vanish when the computer is off.

Virtual Machine Platform and Windows Hypervisor Platform may be significant if you wish to install software such as VMware or Virtualbox. My understanding is that if Hypervisor is enabled then Virtualbox cannot create 64 bit virtual machines. I'm assuming that with Hypervisor turned on your entire windows session is in a virtual machine and you can't create a 64 bit VM inside a VM.